March 2018: Holy Week

Hey guys! It’s been forever since the last time I updated my blog. Apologizing seems to be my new way of saying hello to all of you. Been so busy with university and part-time lately that I can’t spend much time online. Though I  thought we could finally say goodbye to summer classes today, unfortunately, due to some unfortunate circumstances, we are extending our class for 2  more days. It doesn’t sound that bad though but I have a lot of studying to do for our final exam. So to destress I’m writing about our recent trip last March. Better late than never right? Continue reading “March 2018: Holy Week”

Sinulog sa Toledo 2018

Let me start my very first blog post for 2018 with my favorite quote from the theArtidote Instagram account.

“Everything heals. Your body heals. Your heart heals. The mind heals. Wounds heal. Your soul repairs itself. Your happiness is always going to come back. Bad times don’t last.” – Christian Rutkowski Continue reading “Sinulog sa Toledo 2018”

Life Hacks // How I Manage My Time

Hey Guys! It’s been almost a month now since the second semester started and we all know that university can be so demanding and stressful. Especially when most of our subjects if not all require our time. Wishing we can divide ourselves just to finish our projects, homework, reports, etc. If there is one thing I have learned in this kind of situation in my past experiences, the best solution I can do is to manage my time properly. The good thing is that I have already had my own guidelines on how should I manage my own time.

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Capilla Sta. Ana and The Labyrinth Garden

The first semester just ended last week but we still had to go to university to have our clearance signed for the next semester. Everything is a roller coaster to me, I  had lots of ups and downs the whole semester. I am so grateful that I found awesome friends who are there the whole time to show some love and support. I will share more about it once I finished sorting my photos. Anyways, after a long and tiring morning chasing for our teachers, with a time to spare in the afternoon before our next appointment. We decided to chill and visit the famous Capilla Sta. Ana & The Labyrinth Garden.

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Negros 2017: San Carlos City

Last September my family and I went on a very short trip to Negros Island. It was a sunny Sunday morning that they decided to push thru our plan to travel to Negros. It’s been ages since the last time I travel outside Cebu so I was pretty excited. Even knowing that it will be just a very short trip with no itinerary at all. Actually, the real reason for this trip is for my cousins to experience traveling via boat/ship. We didn’t bring any extra clothes or what not since we will just go home in the afternoon.

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Welcome to Simply Vanessa!

First of all, thank you for visiting my own little space online.

I go by the name of Vanessa Sabroso online. I’m turning 21 in a few weeks. I’m born and raised in the Queen City of the South, Cebu, Philippines. I’m currently studying at University of the Visayas – Toledo Campus. Taking up Bachelor of Elementary Education for my second degree. My first degree is Associate in Computer Technology at University of San Jose Recoletos in the year 2014.

I love learning about new cultures and languages (most especially Japan and its culture). That is why I want to travel around the world. I’m also into photography, fashion, and Kawaii Culture. I created this blog for me to document my daily life, personal styles, travels, hobbies, personal growth and anything under the sun. A sort of online diary/ portfolio and hopefully I may inspire my readers to pursue their dreams and leave life to the fullest.

A little back story of me as a blogger. I started blogging way back in 2010 and I’ve been to different blogging platforms (Blogspot, Tumblr, Multiply and more). Eventually, I settled down to blogspot last 2014 and after four years I decided to let go and move to a new home. Aside from that, I also did manage a few blogs before such as The College Candy, Kawaii Lover Cebu, and The Great Owl. Through blogging, a lot of opportunities open for me such as event invites, meeting people I look up to and making new friends around the world who share the same passion to mention a few.

Anyways, so much for an introduction, what’s a better way for me to introduce myself is thru my future post here, right? I’m still working on my new blog design, new domain, banners and more. Hopefully, before the year ends I can give this blog a whole new look. In the meantime please bear with me. Again, thank you for being here and I hope to see you next time.