Negros 2017: San Carlos City

Last September my family and I went on a very short trip to Negros Island. It was a sunny Sunday morning that they decided to push thru our plan to travel to Negros. It’s been ages since the last time I travel outside Cebu so I was pretty excited. Even knowing that it will be just a very short trip with no itinerary at all. Actually, the real reason for this trip is for my cousins to experience traveling via boat/ship. We didn’t bring any extra clothes or what not since we will just go home in the afternoon.

Negros island is just a sea away from my hometown much closer than Cebu city.  As a first-time traveler, we had no idea so choose to book a business class ticket at FastCat around 10:45am just in time for 11:00am departure. The funny thing is that we’re the only Filipino inside the business class cabin. Most are foreigners traveling around. Medyo nosebleed besh!
Leaving Toledo city.
Of course before anything else, safety first. They had a demo of how to use the life jacket and reminders in case of emergency. Then later gave us free snacks.
Almost there! Hello San Carlos City!
At San Carlos City Port.
When I said that this trip was very short, I mean it. We only stayed for more or less 2 hours. When we arrived we had lunch at City Mall then went to Country Mall and bought some souvenirs. We also experience riding their version of a tricycle. Which was very fun. The culture shock for me was, their entrance happens to be on the left side and the exit is on the right side. Unlike in my hometown and other cities/places I been too, the entrance is on the right side and the exit is on the left side.
After buying some souvenirs, we decided to head back to the port. Yup! That short.
Instead of taking a tricycle we decided to walk around.
My personal request, to visit San Carlos Borromeo Cathedral.
It is a must for me to visit churches when traveling. They said if it’s your first time to visit the church, make 3 wishes and He will diffidently grant them. We offer some prayers and lucky enough we witness a wedding ceremony.
I’m amazed how peaceful the city. You can hear children playing from afar.
Where big roads with few cars. You can take a buwis buhay photos.
Where you can walk around with no fear of passing cars. The locals are also very friendly.
With old traditional house still standing.
When we arrived at the port we decided to take the earliest departure going back to Toledo. We booked a regular class Fast Craft. The thing is, it started raining badly that we already thought they are going to cancel our trip. Despite the bad weather, we safely made it home.
I know I haven’t explored more of San Carlos City and the whole Negros island in general. It was a short yet sweet trip. I will definitely be going back soon.



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