Capilla Sta. Ana and The Labyrinth Garden

The first semester just ended last week but we still had to go to university to have our clearance signed for the next semester. Everything is a roller coaster to me, I  had lots of ups and downs the whole semester. I am so grateful that I found awesome friends who are there the whole time to show some love and support. I will share more about it once I finished sorting my photos. Anyways, after a long and tiring morning chasing for our teachers, with a time to spare in the afternoon before our next appointment. We decided to chill and visit the famous Capilla Sta. Ana & The Labyrinth Garden.

Even though Capilla Sta. Ana & The Labyrinth Garden is located in our very own hometown, we all never had a chance to visit. When we arrived we paid the entrance fee of 50 pesos each for students. We didn’t expect much about this trip except taking tons of photos.


When we entered the Capilla I was stunned. I couldn’t explain in words what was I feeling. They offer a tour around the Capilla and Museum. You can find different antique relics and statues.


Since my friends are not really fond of tours unlike me. We only had the tour in the museum where you are not allowed to take photos inside.
It was an amazing experience. I would definitely go back and finish the tour next time.



My camera is dying so the only decent photo of me from my canon point and shoot camera. Thank goodness I brought my SJCam. 😭😭😭 The people in front of me are taking prenup photos. Awesome.
Did I ever mention how breathtaking their altar? I really wanted to know more about the altar that’s why I wanted to join the other groups’ tour. But le friends are now heading to the Labyrinth Garden 😢😢😢
Of course before leaving the Capilla. Photo ops with le friends.
We were so lucky that we are the only one at the Garden. Another photo ops with no photobombers. Yay!
I was the first one to explore the garden among my friends. Our laughter shatters the silence. 😂😂😂


Thanks to Yuna for taking this photo. It was a sunny day then suddenly it started to rain so we all have to rush back to the Capilla with no shortcuts. It was tiring yet worth it. It was super fun.
Last photo ops before we head back to university. Thank you so much to these ladies for making my first semester awesome. See you the soonest.

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