March 2018: Holy Week

Hey guys! It’s been forever since the last time I updated my blog. Apologizing seems to be my new way of saying hello to all of you. Been so busy with university and part-time lately that I can’t spend much time online. Though I  thought we could finally say goodbye to summer classes today, unfortunately, due to some unfortunate circumstances, we are extending our class for 2  more days. It doesn’t sound that bad though but I have a lot of studying to do for our final exam. So to destress I’m writing about our recent trip last March. Better late than never right?

The start of the year was very crazy yet productive time, surely 2018 is a year of self-growth. The last days of second-semester were the craziest so going out of town for a week was a breather. After our presentation in our Earth Science class, my family and I immediately flew to Manila for the Holy Week. When we arrived (Day 1) in our house in Manila at around 5am we get some sleep to energized. Honestly, our house is very dusty for no one is around to have it cleaned since we all now live in Cebu. So generally Day 1 is spent cleaning the entire house.

Manila 2018 (26)Manila 2018 (4)Manila 2018 (2)Manila 2018 (7)Manila 2018 (8)Manila 2018 (24)Manila 2018 (9)Manila 2018 (11)Manila 2018 (21)Manila 2018 (22)Day 2 (Manila)

For our second day, we went to Rizal Park and Manila Ocean Park. Not sure how to get there we invited our old neighbor/friend who now lives in Manila to accompany us. Gladly he said yes and then just before we leave home, we received a phone call from another old neighbor now also living in Manila who wants to visit us. Since we weren’t sure what time we will be back we invited her to come along with us instead (the more the merrier). No regret of inviting her, she is one hilarious woman, we were not just smiling but laughing the whole time. We really did enjoy our day. It’s my second time to visit the two famous parks but a lot has changed since then especially the “Pambansang Photobomber” was not even there before. My cousins also enjoyed their first train ride.  This is actually the only touristy thing we did in Manila.

We didn’t really have any other itinerary for this trip aside from visiting Manila Ocean Park and Rizal Park since none of us is familiar around Manila. And I was too lazy to create an itinerary even if I was told to do so ~ blame it my introvert self. Also, our friends and other relatives had had their work that time so we can’t go to other touristy sites. Gladly, my mother’s elder sister invited us to visit her instead,  in Infanta, Quezon.

Quezon Province (5)Quezon Province (3)Quezon Province (1)Quezon Province (7)Quezon Province (2)Quezon Province (10)Quezon Province (12)Quezon Province (8)Quezon Province (9)Quezon Province (13)Day 3 / Day 1 (Infanta, Quezon)

Day 3 was spent traveling to Quezon Province. Boy! My butt literally hurts for sitting for more or less five hours road trip and traffic but it was totally worth it. The picturesque scenery of the mountaintop and the fresh and delicious fruits took away all the pain. We arrived at my Aunt’s house around 3 or 4 pm if my memory serves me right. The first thing we did was to satisfy our tummy though we were not really hungry. We were actually still full from our stop over and eating too much in the car but we can’t say no to food especially when it’s FREE!!! After eating and catching up, my cousin showed us around their neighborhood.

Quezon Province (15)quezon-provinceQuezon Province (16)Quezon Province (17)Quezon Province (18)Quezon Province (19)Quezon Province (20)Quezon Province (14)Quezon Province (21)Quezon Province (22)Quezon Province (23)Quezon Province (24)Quezon Province (27)Quezon Province (25)Quezon Province (26)Day 4/ Day2 (Infanta, Quezon)

So I was so proud of myself for being able to wake up early. It was a gloomy morning that I realized that the rice fields turn into a scene from Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbor Totoro. My fan-girl-self can’t contain my happiness being surrounded by a movie/anime scenery. I can’t remember the last time I feel so much peace in my entire life.

It was actually a Good Friday and growing up in the province where we still observe some traditions to how we usually/ how you supposedly must spend Good Friday. This trip was a lot of first time. Usually, we spend it only at home but to make the most of our time. We visited the other neighboring barangays. We went to Pacific Beach Resort with the amazing view of the Pacific ocean but we didn’t go for a swim for it’s a big no-no on Good Friday but surprisingly Manila/Luzon people love to go to the beach on Good Friday. In the province, we only go for a swim on Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. Though I do understand that this might be their only free time to go out of town and spend quality time with their loved ones, family and friends still it was a culture shock to us. The most important part of the day is to visit the local church of St. Mark and the Child Jesus Cathedral and for the last stop, we went to Pag-ibig Prayer Garden.

Quezon Province (29)Quezon Province (34)Quezon Province (30)Quezon Province (31)Quezon Province (32)Quezon Province (33)Quezon Province (35)Quezon Province (36)Day 5/Day 3 (Real, Quezon)

For our last day in Quezon Province,  Holy Saturday,  finally we could go swimming. Going for a swim was not in our plan when we flew to Manila so none of us has brought any swimming gear. So my Aunt has lent us some clothes. We went to Real, Quezon thinking we are going to another beach but I was wrong. We actually visited a falls there though I forgot to ask what was it called. It was surely my most favorite part of our Quezon Province trip. There’s a lot of first time… our first time to go to a falls, first time to sing in a karaoke since forever.

The next day Sunday (Day 6) we travel back to Manila for another 5 hours road trip. It’s hard to say goodbye to Quezon Province, I surely miss their delicious and mouthwatering foods, fresh air and picturesque views. But we can’t help it, we still have to prepare for our flight back to Cebu on Monday. My cousins also have to buy their souvenirs and pasalubong for their friends back in Cebu.

simply vanessa
Touch down Cebu!

I’m thankful that I go to spend quality time with my family even for just a week. I pray that we could go for more travels together soon.

How about you friends, how did you spend your holy week?


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