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Hey internet folks! I’m not really sure how should I start this post. I really suck at doing introductions. I’m having difficulty in expressing myself ewan ko ba kung bakit ang hirap-hirap kaya nga I envy people who are really good at speaking out their mind. You know, lately I miss blogging, I mean I miss the good old days where I could express myself even how random my thoughts are. Kahit nga sobrang nonsense na ng mga sinusulat at sinasabi ko but still nakukuha kong magsulat at i-express ko ang sarili ko. My 3 weeks school break was totally worth it because I got to contemplate and realize things. That’s why I’m here writing.

When I got back in blogging last October, I’m still at the point of uncertainty. Yung tipong hindi mo alam bakit pa ba ako mag blo-blog e ang dami-dami na namang nag-blo-blog ngayon at isa pa masmaganda at mas-interesting pa ang content nila. But there is one thing that I’m sure of and that is I love writing and blogging. Ibat-iba naman tayo ng gustong isulat and ibahagi. We write and share stories because we have unique and wonderful stories to tell. And I’m sure people will see you for who you really are at mamahalin ka din nila.

Okay. Enough introductions if that will pass for an introduction. I don’t even know why I’m talking to you in Filipino. Being multilingual is sometimes really annoying. When you want to say something in a particular language, sometimes you lost the vocabulary and say it in a different language instead. I guess this is also a warning to all that I may write using my mother tongue which is Cebuano/Bisaya, or Tagalog/Filipino, and English depending on what language I feel much comfortable during the day.

Anyway, as I mention before I’m not sure about how I can regularly update my blog. Through reading, I get motivated in writing. And now I found a way for me to regularly update the blog. I think most of you are familiar with the weekly blog series called ‘Sunday Currently’. Where you share of course what you are currently doing. Though another school year is fast approaching (3 more days to be exact) I’m sure that I won’t be around that much online. So instead I will do a LIFE LATELY series. I don’t know if you are familiar with ‘Life Lately’ but basically I talk about uhh duh.. my life lately. But I’m going to do it the same way how Chai did it on her life lately series. The content will be most likely the same with Sunday Currently. But from time to time I will do a legit narration of my life update. Do I make sense to all of you? Hopefully, I do. Sige let’s start?


I’m currently making a list of To-do and To-buy before the start of school year. Also, I’m plotting my schedule for the entire first semester on my planner.


I couldn’t help but be proud of myself for getting to again read books that are not school related. I just finish reading Marian Keyes’s Anybody Out There and now I’m in the middle of reading The Child’s Child by Barbara Vine.

Aside from books, I’m also reading tons of blogs to help myself bring back my creative juice in writing. The blogs I enjoy reading and backreading right now are the blogs of Maine Mendoza, Reese Lansangan, Tricia, Kaila, Cheese, and Chai.



People who know me personally wouldn’t believe me whenever I tell them I haven’t watched any anime for more or less a year and a half now. I couldn’t blame them though I have been watching anime for my entire life and with the sudden change of lifestyle it would really be surprising to others. But last summer I decided to watch anime again because I been feeling empty without it. Hello ito kaya isa sa source of energy and creativity ko.

I re-watched Cardcaptor Sakura to fully understand the storyline. I was still very young when the first time I watched it and I could only remember a few of the scenes. For the first time, I feel so much peace watching this anime again. I won’t go differ why but CCS is the most memorable of all the anime I watched. After CCS, I watched the continuation of the series. Clamp you don’t know how much happiness we felt when you announced last year that you are continuing the manga and anime. Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu. Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc ended last Sunday but we are still hoping for a second Arc. Eh! kasi naman why did they left it hanging. We still have lots of unanswered questions like who the hell is Akiho and Kaito? and what are their agendas? What is Touya’s new power? and is Nadeshiko also a Cardcaptor?  I could go for more pero basta ang dami pang katanungan na kailangan ng sagot. Though there is still a possibility of getting a new season of the Arc since the Manga is still ongoing. P.s. I’m spoiling you, they said the plot of the Manga is different from the Anime. I might read the manga when I have some spare time.

For the 3rd anime, do you believe in love at first song? Uhh! Ano daw? Ganito kasi yun. When I was doing my school project I randomly played Japanese music on YouTube  like I always do para naman may background music. When The Ancient Magus’ Bride Opening theme started playing. Literal na napatigil ang mundo ko. I immediately stopped doing my project and watched the anime. Thank goodness I finished my school project on time. Lol.

The last anime I watched was The Tale of Princess Kaguya. I wasn’t really planning to watch any Ghibli films kasi naman they tend to live you with a broken heart. But you know it’s a good anime when it is made by Studio Ghibli. I really do recommend that you should also watch it.

Almost forgot, aside from watching anime I’m also watching the replay of the 2012 Filipino drama Princess and I. Fave ko kasi to before but I never had the chance to finish it. Kaya hoping na matapos ko to since every Sunday ang replay nila.

Listening to


If there is one thing na hinding-hindi ko pag sasawaan that would be listening to Scandal Band. I just updated my current playlist and added their new songs from their new album Honey. And if you didn’t know they’re having Asia Tour to promote their new album and kasama ang Philippines (for the first time) kaya lang hindi ako makakapanuood.

Daoko‘s songs are also on my playlist. My current fave is 打上花火 the song from the anime Fireworks. Through Daoko I also discover a new band called Queen Bee when they did a collab together of the song KINSEI. I found the band weird. Iwan ko ba bakit ganon ang music videos nila. Yet, I’m loving their songs my fave will be Triller.


So I ask my friends on Facebook to recommend some blogs or books to read because I already finished reading all the books on my shelf. Camille recommended me their old short stories they wrote some time ago for the Yarn Spinners. Then because I’m also practicing my drawing skills for the nth time I bookmarked Sweet Castle for some drawing inspiration. Lastly, from Chai’s blog recommendation Yakusoku Yama’s blog.


Though I’m not sure if it will suit me but, I’m thinking of cutting my hair and having bangs for a new look.


I’m loving MNL 48’s tagalized version of AKB 48’s Sakura no Hanabiratachi which they performed on Showtime stage last June 9. Watch it hereMedyo na awkwardan ako dahil sanay ako marinig ang japanese version but their performance was really good. Congrats to these ladies who worked really hard to be where they are now.

Other things I’m also loving are Wreck it Ralf 2 and How to Train your Dragon 3 teaser. I can’t wait to watch them.

Lastly, the lyric video of  Autopilot, Reese’s old song from her first Album Arigatou Internet. Check it out here.


More likely stalking Scandal Band members on IG. Their Asia Tour has already started and they are currently in Beijing, China for their second stop. huhu… Sana bumalik sila uli sa Philippines para mag concert. Promise mag-iipon na ako. 

Also, I’m following Peso Sense’s group on Facebook for tips on financial matters.



to buy Cardcaptor Sakura Merchandise kaso wala talaga sa budget ko. And then Disney also announce a new Gravity Falls book. Huhu… Universe, bakit?

Looking forward to

Our first day of school kasi excited ako sinu-sino ang mga bago kong classmates at teachers. Then I’m also excited for my Field Study uniform. Yay!

I’m not sure but there is a chance that my Mama will be home next month so I’m really looking forward to it.

I’m now ending my first life lately series here. I know I’m talking too much now. But I just love it how everything comes naturally while I’m writing . Yung sobra mong na miss yong keyboard mo at the same time gumagana ang utak mo. Lol. Thanks for making it tell the end. And hope to see you again on my next blog post.


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