Things of the week | 01

Hey internet folks!

So I just got home from the university and now I have the sudden urge to write here. It’s just that I would like to share my thoughts about the new school year which have been bothering me for two weeks now. By the way, I am currently a second-year irregular student for my second degree. Hopefully, if things go accordingly I could finally have my first on Field Study next semester. Anyway going back, it all started during the enrollment when I found out that I have a different schedule from my besties. Though as much as possible I do my best not to overthink about it. But right now I can’t help but feel anxious about my new environment. It’s because I feel very uncomfortable with my new set of classmates and teachers. I know I’m overthinking things but I can’t calm myself yet. Hopefully, after writing here I can get back to my own sense, and stop worrying and overthinking.

  1. I’ll be now own my own. By the end of the semester, I think I would be more independent. Not that I’m not independent enough with my studies. I know to myself that I could pass all my 10 subjects on my own. However being away from my besties is another story.  Though we still see each other during our free time it’s different when you have them as your own classmate. I didn’t realize that I become more dependent on them in the sense that I want to be around them all the time, in short, they are my ‘comfort zone’. I know I have to go out of my comfort zone in order for me to grow but I’m just scared. It’s scary! What if things go wrong?
  2. I should learn to take a break and relax. So my besties notice that my kind of break and relaxation is different from the others. Instead of taking a real break and breath I divert myself to another task. That most of the time I even sacrifice my own physical and mental health which I know is very unhealthy. That made them think that I’m not taking a break at all. But what can I do when it’s driving me crazy when I have nothing to do. I feel more relax when I’m doing something. I don’t know what should I do to take good care of my physical and mental health. I’m doing my best to listen to my besties but this won’t be easy.
  3. What can I do for me not to always rely on my relatives? I may right now be super blessed that I have my aunt and uncle to provide for my tuition and school allowance. But I don’t want to rely everything on them. So I need an extra income and also start my own savings. I’m also thinking of getting a scholarship. I hope I could figure this one out soon.
  4. Their high expectations. I’m grateful that my Aunt and Uncle don’t pressure me on getting high grades. Yet, I feel like I have to, in return for their kindness towards me. That’s why I study and work hard day and night not just to pass the exam but also to get a near to perfect score. I’m not one of the overall top-notch student but to humbly brag I excel in my studies. This is also the reason why many of my classmates rely on me or they always point their fingers at me whenever we have activities/projects. Not that I don’t want to help them, I love to because I got to also learn but I want to give them the chance to also excel in class too. I know they are way better than me but they are either lazy or not seeing their own potential. I know I can’t please everyone. I just want to do my best and simply enjoy university as I should be.
  5. How can I use my blog to help me with University? I don’t know if you have noticed but I’ve been super duper extra careful with my write-ups here in the blog. I’m doing my best to improve my English Vocab. I thought that I should because after all, I’m taking up Elementary Education, in short, I will be a teacher soon. I want my blog to also become my tool in enhancing my knowledge and skills.


Those are my thoughts these past few weeks. How about you folks how do you keep a healthy physical and mental lifestyle in university? I’m still in the process of processing my new university life. I would love to share more about it in my future post but for now, I’m ending it here. Thanks again for visiting my blog and hope to see you in my next post.


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