August 2018

I was supposed to publish this post first week of September while my memory is still fresh but I wasn’t sure what happened why suddenly the photos are not showing. So, I delayed it for a week. Then when I tried to publish it again the next week, still the photos are not showing. So again for the nth time, I delayed everything until I was caught up with a lot of work and school related stuff that I totally forgot to fix the problem and publish this post. After a month, I still didn’t know why the photos are not showing but at least I was able to find a way to fix the problem.

The first two months of the semester didn’t start well for me. I couldn’t control my anxiety attacks to the point that I have to consult our school nurse and doctor. Gladly with their help and my besties help I was able to go through during my episodes. To be honest, it’s really tiring to have those episodes where you don’t know what’s wrong with you and I don’t want this happen again in the future. So, I made sure that I will welcome the month of August with a positive mindset to attract positive energy for fewer anxiety attacks. Gladly it worked. Thank you also to my ever supportive besties.

Let me just narrate to you through these photos how amazing the month of August has been.

VanSabroso (1)

First selfie of the month. I always feel awkward in front of the camera so I rarely take a selfie. I don’t know what was I thinking when I took this photo but I feel extra pretty that day or it’s just I feel relieved after our major exam in Chemistry if my memory serves me right. Then I also realized how long my hair is now and it needs to be cut. Lol

VanSabroso (2)

From my life lately series I mentioned that I am looking forward to reuniting with my mama who works abroad. But due to circustances, she was not able to go home to Cebu so I have to flew to Manila instead to see her and bring her some important documents that she needs. So I was absent in school for a week. I never thought that I would be able to travel to Manila more than once this 2018.

VanSabroso (3)

A week spent in Manila was again a breather. After stressful months finally, I got to relax and not worry about school for once. The first few days were spent on important matters and the remaining days should be spent going places. I said should be because we were actually not able to do anything because of the heavy rains and floods due to Habagat. A Red Rainfall Warning was issued. So we canceled our Antipolo and Baguio trip and end up staying at home 😭😭😭 Maybe next time.

VanSabroso (4)

With a heavy heart, I’m leaving Manila and mama. It was still raining really bad in the morning that we thought that my flight back to Cebu will be canceled. I don’t want to go home to Cebu yet. The flight got delayed for a few hours though. And when I arrived in Cebu it was super hot and humid.

VanSabroso (5)

August is the “Buwan ng Wika” or the month where we celebrate our national language Filipino though we speak in Cebuano/ Bisaya. We were asked to wear Filipiniana (traditional costume) and present something as a group (sing, dance, etc). It was such an experience I will never forget and I’m grateful that my classmates and friends always trust me to make decisions for the group/class.

I’m so thankful that my classmates and friends kept me updated with school even if I’m away for a week. So I don’t have to worry about anything. They are such an angel, what I have done to have classmates and friends like them. They just told me what to do and what to bring every single subject, sent me all the notes from the previous meeting. Thank you universe! I thought I would have a tough time when I get back to school but I was wrong.

VanSabroso (6)

[1] When I got back from school I also finally received my nameplate! Yay!

[2] The other class/ year level preparing for their Buwan ng Wika performance.

[3] While waiting for my next class. Weekend classes are extra tiring.

VanSabroso (7)

[1] I forgot to mention that I finally have a new phone which was a gift from mama and I’m loving the Huji app.

[2] A typical scene in the class. This is, by the way, our group preparing for our report in EdTech with the use of low-tech visual materials.

VanSabroso (8)

Our sitio’s fiesta celebration in honor of our patron saint Senior San Roque. Held every 28th day of August.

VanSabroso (10)

[1] I know I just grow my hair but I’m always on work mood that I couldn’t maintain my long hair every day so I decided to trim it finally. I thought I would regret this decision of mine but I didn’t. I just love my new short hair.

[2] It was a great month but I didn’t expect that I would end the month very sick that I would have to visit a doctor. But now I’m feeling a lot better.

VanSabroso (9)

August 30 – My Lolo’s 10th death anniversary. We went to the cemetery and church to offer a prayer.

VanSabroso (11)

Let me end this post with my amazing discovery. I love the moon. Every night I always look up to the night sky.  I have been really curious about what is the bright star I always see beside the moon. Though I had a feeling that it’s not a star. And I was right through the different android apps I was able to verify that it was indeed not a star but actually a planet. The planet Mars! So cool right? I know I’m such a geek.

That’s all for the month of August!


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