August 2018

I was supposed to publish this post first week of September while my memory is still fresh but I wasn’t sure what happened why suddenly the photos are not showing. So, I delayed it for a week. Then when I tried to publish it again the next week, still the photos are not showing. So again for the nth time, I delayed everything until I was caught up with a lot of work and school related stuff that I totally forgot to fix the problem and publish this post. After a month, I still didn’t know why the photos are not showing but at least I was able to find a way to fix the problem. Continue reading “August 2018”


life lately | 01

Hey internet folks! I’m not really sure how should I start this post. I really suck at doing introductions. I’m having difficulty in expressing myself ewan ko ba kung bakit ang hirap-hirap kaya nga I envy people who are really good at speaking out their mind. You know, lately I miss blogging, I mean I miss the good old days where I could express myself even how random my thoughts are. Kahit nga sobrang nonsense na ng mga sinusulat at sinasabi ko but still nakukuha kong magsulat at i-express ko ang sarili ko. My 3 weeks school break was totally worth it because I got to contemplate and realize things. That’s why I’m here writing. Continue reading “life lately | 01”

March 2018: Holy Week

Hey guys! It’s been forever since the last time I updated my blog. Apologizing seems to be my new way of saying hello to all of you. Been so busy with university and part-time lately that I can’t spend much time online. Though I  thought we could finally say goodbye to summer classes today, unfortunately, due to some unfortunate circumstances, we are extending our class for 2  more days. It doesn’t sound that bad though but I have a lot of studying to do for our final exam. So to destress I’m writing about our recent trip last March. Better late than never right? Continue reading “March 2018: Holy Week”

Sinulog sa Toledo 2018

Let me start my very first blog post for 2018 with my favorite quote from the theArtidote Instagram account.

“Everything heals. Your body heals. Your heart heals. The mind heals. Wounds heal. Your soul repairs itself. Your happiness is always going to come back. Bad times don’t last.” – Christian Rutkowski Continue reading “Sinulog sa Toledo 2018”