May 2019

I’m celebrating cause yaasss summer term is finally over and guess what?! I have two months of school break before the new school year begins. This is because of the new memorandum from CHED stating that the new academic school year for college will now be moved to August instead of June both in public and in private schools.

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August 2018

I was supposed to publish this post first week of September while my memory is still fresh but I wasn’t sure what happened why suddenly the photos are not showing. So, I delayed it for a week. Then when I tried to publish it again the next week, still the photos are not showing. So again for the nth time, I delayed everything until I was caught up with a lot of work and school related stuff that I totally forgot to fix the problem and publish this post. After a month, I still didn’t know why the photos are not showing but at least I was able to find a way to fix the problem. Continue reading “August 2018”