May 2017: Cebu Taoist Temple

While I was scrolling on my phone as I was trying to back up all my files from my dying phone I saw these set of photos from last year which I haven’t shared in any of my social networking sites. So I thought why not share these beautiful photos here on my blog instead.
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Capilla Sta. Ana and The Labyrinth Garden

The first semester ended last week but we still have to go to our school to have our clearance signed for the next semester. Everything is a roller coaster ride to me, I had lots of ups and downs the whole semester. I am so grateful that I found awesome friends who are there the whole time to show some love and support. I will share more about it once I will finish sorting my photos. Anyway, after a long and tiring morning chasing for our teachers, we still have time to spare in the afternoon before our next appointment. We decided to chill and visit the famous Capilla Sta. Ana & The Labyrinth Garden.

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